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Date of Publication: 23 October 2017, Monday
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There is utter chaos in this world.
~ Swami Ji Maharaj (19th Century)

OUT OF NOTHING, CHAOS. HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? The National Football League (NFL) used to be America's game. Now it is facing the reality of its own demise, a potential nuking initiated by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (or is it "Kaepernuke?") when he began kneeling during the National Anthem — a pure sign of disrespect for America's values, principles, and the sacrifices of those who served and have served America to insure freedom and opportunity for all.

Says Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner in his article: Shock poll: NFL now least liked sport, core fans down 31% Over just one month of player, coach, and owner protests of the flag and National Anthem, the National Football League has gone from America's sport to the least liked of top professional and college sports, according to a new poll.

Could the NFL's problems be a direct manifestation of The Kaepernick Curse? Of course. It's so obvious a blind man could see the problem. Football games and politics don't mix any more than oil and water. Generally, people watch football games to get away, at least for a day or a few hours, from the worries, stresses and burdens of day-to-day life. Plus, deeply patriotic Americans do not appreciate anyone disrespecting our flag and National Anthem, which stand for the selfless service and sacrifice of millions of Americans who gave the ultimate price, as did their families, to ensure that everyone can experience the freedom to pursue their dreams. Disrespecting our flag and Anthem by "taking a knee" in protest of American values is akin to spitting on the graves of those brave, courageous, altruistic souls who served and died. Such disgraceful behavior is anathema to patriotic Americans.

This brings us to the numerology of Colin Kaepernick, born Colin Rand Kaepernick on 3 November 1987. What numbers in his chart caused him to behave in such a way as to generate his and the NFL's current problems? Kaepernick is without a job in the NFL because teams consider him toxic, understandably. Simply said, Kaepernick is bad for business.

Kaepernick's and the NFL's problems are rooted in their mutual lack of understanding the simple American values of respect and honoring those who serve, have served, and will serve our country by standing when the National Anthem is played. The NFL is putting their teams and players before the country and its ideals, before honor, dignity, selfless service, personal sacrifice and duty-driven altruism, which is not sitting well with many Americans, as is obvious by the NFL's declining popularity, support and attendance.

The NFL promotes a game; America promotes ideals of freedom and independence for all. The latter trumps the former. Unfortunately, the NFL, many of its players, coaches and owners, and certainly Colin Kaepernick, have no clue of America's enormous meaning, heritage or culture. They are centered in the myopia of self-aggrandizing, self-serving advantage. In the opinion of The King's Numerologytm NFL players, coaches and owners should be on both knees kissing the sacred ground of American soil in gratitude for the opportunity by which they have so richly prospered. To stand in respect when the National Anthem is played is the extreme least they can do and should be doing, not using their sport to promote political/social issues. If they want to do the latter they should quit the NFL and go into politics or social work.

Regarding Kaepernick's numbers, there are four major aspects at the core of the problem:
  • The #3 energy of entitlement
  • Kaepernick's #9 Soul manifesting a need for power
  • The massive stacking of the #8 void reflecting a lack of connectivity
  • The 16-7 Great Purifier


What jumps out about Kaepernick's Basic Matrix? Look at all those 3s! And what does the #3 represent? Words, communication, health and well-being, joy, children, image(s), vanity, narcissism and . . . entitlement. Both the 6 and 9 ciphers are multiples of the #3. Furthermore, since his Lifepath and Expression are 3s, generating Dual 3 Filters, his entire life's reality from cradle to grave will be saturated with entitlement.

What is likely to happen when an individual is shrouded in such a massive amount of entitlement? He becomes spoiled because he thinks the whole world owes him something, and his sense of narcissism screams, "Look at me, look at me! I'm important!" Entitlement and narcissism then lead to arrogance.

Compounding the amount of #3 energy in his Basic Matrix is his 1st Epoch — a 3/(3)/6 Influence Reality Set (IR Set) beginning at birth and lasting through his 27th year. Thus, more entitlement and narcissistic energy. And here's where it gets interesting. When Kaepernick turned 28 years of age, he moved out of his 3/(3)/6 energy field into the 11-2/(3)/14-5 energy field of his 2nd Epoch, which lasts from age 28 through age 54. He was also in his Twenties Decade energy field — a 2/(3)/14-5, compounding its energy via stacking.

This stacked 11-2/(3)/14-5 energy depicts oppositional and divisive relationship energies (11-2) creating detachment and loss (14-5). It was in his 28th year that he initiated his disrespectful kneeling at the playing of the National Anthem, and with that action his professional life began to fall apart. The ease of living and entitlement he had experienced from birth through age 27 while in his 3/(3)/6 energy field was over. It was an energy field he will never see again. Kaepernick's destiny was playing itself out perfectly.

Does Colin Kaepernick's Basic Matrix look familiar? It should. It is eerily similar to that of another individual soaked in the unseemly cloak of entitlement, narcissism and arrogance, Hillary Clinton. She always felt entitled to be President of the United States, and a year later she still cannot accept the fact that she lost the election, that she was not all that important, at least as important as she thought she was. Interview after speech after book signing, she keeps blaming everyone and everything under the sun except herself for her presidential defeat. The problem involving a saturation of entitlement, narcissism and arrogance is that it makes people believe they are more important than they are, that they should be treated with exceptional deference and placed on a pedestal. Like Hillary Clinton, Colin Kaepernick is a cut of the same delusional presumptive cloth.

Immersed in a motley mush of entitlement, narcissism and arrogance — a saturation of negative 3 energy, Colin Kaepernick once believed he could do whatever he wanted, immune from the consequences of his actions. However, the people that paid his millionaire salary, the fans, believed otherwise. His misguided behavior left him without a job. The lesson: you mess with the National Anthem and Old Glory, your glory days are over.


The 9 Soul in Kaepernick's chart tells us he wants to be dominant, domineering, powerful, universal, the "ruler." This is not uncommon. The #9, known as the Grand Elemental, is the most powerful and public of the nine basic numbers 1 to 9.

As we recall, the Soul is that part of a numerology chart describing someone's most primal needs, wants, desires and motivations. It is the Soul energy that drives a person to be what the Soul represents. Kaepernick, no doubt, is empowered by having the spotlight on him, which bolsters his sense of entitlement and narcissism, giving him a sense of arrogance, dominance and self-centered satisfaction.

Interestingly, the words I, Me, Ego, Celebrity, Egocentric and the phrase Above it all manifest a 9 energy. Translation: Kaepernick's 9 Soul and massive 3 energy make him see life as being all about him and what he thinks he deserves. He could care less about the people who sacrificed, even died, in the cause of freedom and opportunity so he could have the opportunity to be in the spotlight and get paid a king's ransom for playing a kid's game. This brings us to the next part of his troubled behavior, his 8 void.


In numerology, the number 8 represents connection, engagement, interaction, management, connecting the dots and flow. An 8 void (no Hs, Qs or Zs in the full birth name), especially when stacked, indicates disconnection, disengagement, non-interaction, mismanagement and an inability in understanding how to connect-the-dots of life, of action and reaction, cause and consequence. This is one of the great dangers for 8 void individuals: they think that they know but they don't know that they don't know. Combined with an enormous amount of entitlement, narcissism, and primal lust for power and fame, Kaepernick's ignorance of connecting the dots is a recipe for disaster, such as spewing an ideology antithetical to the mainstream of American life and finding oneself on the outside of a bygone million dollar lifestyle looking in.

As we know, stacking is a major component of intensity — for good or bad. When there is stacking of a voided number in a chart, red flags flap high in a turbulent wind. Colin Kaepernick's 8 void is reflected in the following aspects of his life (see list below). The first time he "took a knee" was on 26 August 2016 (Wikipedia) in a preseason game with the San Francisco 49ers hosting the Green Bay Packers. This was during Kaepernick's natal 2015. Pretty much, the stacking of the 8v on this date can be considered the launch date of Colin Kaepernick's professional football demise and, potentially, the nuking of the NFL. Just take a look at the interconnectivity of the 8v eleven stack between Kaepernick, his player position, the date of his first "kneeling," the 49ers organization, as well as the National Football League. And remember, this all started in the first year of his 2nd Epoch 11-2/(3)/14-5 IR Set representing oppositional relationship issues (11-2) resulting in detachment and loss (14-5). The perfection between his numbers and his life's actions are simply stunning.
  1. 8v: First name of Colin
  2. 8v: Age 28 (note the 8v) — first time Kaepernick knelt when the National Anthem was played
  3. 8v: Day of first kneeling 26 August 2016 — 26 = 8v
  4. 8v: Month of August = 8v
  5. 8v: Kaepernick's natal year at first kneeling was 2015 = an 8v year
  6. 8v: Kaepernick's 1st Pinnacle at first kneeling was a 14-5/(3)/17-8v
  7. 8v: Kaepernick's 1st Challenge was an 8v/(3)/11-2
  8. 8v: Kaepernick's Personal Timeline Year (PTL) Cycle month was a 14-5/(3)/17-8v
  9. 8v: Soul of the San Francisco Forty-Niners = 44v-8v
  10. 8v: Soul of the National Football League = 44v-8v
  11. 8v: Kaepernick's position, Quarterback = 8 Nature, negatively aspected with his 8v
Such a destiny! "Taking a knee" on 26 August 2016 in the first year of his 2nd Epoch 11-2/(3)/14-5 IR Set guaranteed a massive disconnect for Colin Kaepernick and his career, a disconnect which is most probably irreversible. The stacked voided 8 energy disallowed Kaepernick from connecting the dots between his actions, the Flag, the National Anthem, the fans and their loyalties to American idealism and football as a pastime — a huge . . . and costly . . . miscalculation resulting in massive personal loss.


Colin Kaepernick's chart reveals a tristack of the 16-7 Great Purifier energy. This is not as massive as other charts/examples we've discussed and, hence, it doesn't carry the same amount of darkness, deceit, malfeasance and misconduct either. Yet, it did play a role in the puzzle of his destiny.
  1. 16-7: Personal Year Timeline at age 28v: 4/(3)/16-7
  2. 16-7: Universal Timeline Universal month: 16-7/(3)/1
  3. 16-7: First year of his 4th 9 Cycle: 4/(3)/16-7 from age 28 through 36


Life doesn't exist in a vacuum. One person's destiny is often interwoven with other people's destinies. So it is with the event of the "Kaepernick Kneeling."

Colin Kaepernick was obviously employed by the San Francisco Forty-Niners as a quarterback. As is stated above, the Soul of the San Francisco Forty-Niners is a 44v-8v. Obviously, Kaepernick's 8 void resonated with the 49ers 8 void, indicating a harmony of thought and action . . . and consequence. Additionally, the 49ers 8 void has a voided 44 master energy underlying the 8v crown. This creates a Master Voided 44v-8v energy generating an extreme disconnect (8v) with order, organization, work, service, duty and security (44v).

What these dual 8 voided ciphers tell us is that the 49ers were energetically complicitous with Kaepernick's behavior, which is why they didn't take charge and put an end to his actions but let them metastasize. Thus, they were as disconnected as Kaepernick. The 49ers didn't nip Kaepernick's disrespect of the National Anthem in the bud and the bud grew until it infected the entire National Football League which, amazingly, also has a Master Voided 44v-8v energy in its Soul! Thus, it is as equally complicitous as the 49ers. Amazing.

With Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco Forty-Niners and the National Football League all manifesting an 8 void of miscalculation, mismanagement and disconnection, their embattled collective state leaves them reflecting the Shakespearean drama of King Richard III's famous quote, A horse, a horse; my kingdom for a horse!(Richard III, Act V, Scene IV) except their battle cry is: An 8, an 8; my commercial kingdom for an 8!


Once again we see through the incident of the "Kaepernick Kneeling" the precise correlation between numbers and life. Nothing happens without an energetic cause, a numeric cause. Destiny is a beautifully interwoven tapestry of divine energy symbolized by numbers.

In Colin Kaepernick's case, the numeric puzzle pieces are his #3 entitlement energy, his #9 Primal Soul, his massive 8 void stacking and his 16-7 tristack. Also playing its part is his stacked 11-2/(3)/14-5 energy.

The question remains, "Will the Kaepernick Kneeling create a Kaepernick Curse haunting, perhaps even nuking, the NFL as it moves forward?" The future will let us know. Part of the answer may rest in the knowledge gained from the next article involving this issue: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell — Troubled Waters Ahead. In the meantime, here's a tantalizing numeric note, Roger Goodell (born Roger Stokoe Goodell on 19 February 1959) also has an 8 void in his name! No wonder the NFL is in trouble. It's suffering from a gross 8 void manifestation of mismanagement and an inability to connect-the-dots between football and sacred American values. Talk about troubled waters . . .

The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 10: Historic Icons, Part 1




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