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BRADY & BELICHICK. Indisputably, they comprise the greatest quarterback/coach tandem in the history of the National Football League.

As a scientist analyzes substances according to their elements, so a numerologist analyzes destinies according to their numbers. The relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots football franchise can be summed up in three words — Destiny of Dominance.

Nothing is happenstance in life, and every life comes into this life with a destiny of its own, a destiny which, by definition, cannot be changed. As Saint Charan Singh (20th Century) states:

All men come into this world with a destiny of their own which goes on
pushing them relentlessly on the course already marked out for them.

and . . .

Nothing can happen which is not in your destiny.

When we analyze the combined destinies of Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. (born: 3 August 1977) and William Stephen Belichick (born: 16 April 1952), it is irrefutably clear that a Destiny of Dominance was fated for them as the greatest quarterback and coaching duo of all time. If winning their unprecedented and history-making fifth Super Bowl on 5 February 2017, proved anything, it proved this: no NFL QB/Coach combo has been better, is better, and may never be better than this dynamite duo and future Hall of Famers, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Is this happenstance? Luck? No. It is destiny, and their numbers prove it.


Without getting too deep into the numerological weeds, take a look at the following King's Numerology Match & Mix relationship chart between Brady and Belichick. What jumps out at you? Kind of hard to miss, isn't it?

Of course what cannot be missed is the sole combination of five 11-2s (quintstack) and three 9s (tristack) in the MIX column. The "Mix" is the relationship created by combining the energies (numbers) of both Brady and Belichick in their Basic Matrices (for more on this relationship process, read The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 6 - Love Relationships, aka. KBN6, which can be accessed here).

The MIX is the living relationship between Brady and Belichick. It's just like mixing two different paint colors to create a third color. The third color, the blended paints, is real, such as the colors blue and yellow combining to generate green. Likewise, the relationship between Brady and Belichick is real, too. And what does this MIX 11-2 quintstack and 9 tristack say? Actually, it doesn't "say," it screams Competitive Dominance or, as aforementioned, a Destiny of Dominance.

In numerology the number 11-2 represents relationships, others, competition, opposition, teamwork, partnership, working together. To have a quintstack of 11-2 energy in a MIX creates an energy field saturated with competition and teamwork. And what is the foundational premise of the New England Patriots, as Coach Bill Belichick relentlessly promotes? Teamwork! It's all about the team, not prima-donnas and individual celebrity players. Team, team, team. It is teams that win championships, and the New England Patriots exemplify the principle of team, and this MIX 11-2 quintstack that dominates the relationship created by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is about as rich in teamwork as any relationship can be.

Coupled with the 11-2 MIX quintstack is the 9 MIX tristack. The #9 in the King's Numerology system is referred to as the Grand Ruler, Grand Elemental, Grand Amplifier. The #9 is the most powerful single number of the Alpha-Numeric Spectrum (the single numbers 1 through 9). Because of its inherent power, the #9 dominates, rules, governs. Symbols for the #9 include a scepter, crown, throne, and microphone. The #9 is the most universal energy of all numbers; it contains all numbers within itself, and it reflects all numbers to themselves.

Note, too, the 99-9 in the MIX Material Nature. The 99 represents massive power, massive dominance, massive rulership, massive triumph. After all, it is the #9 multiplied eleven times, i.e., eleven times the power of the single #9 energy.

When this 11-2 quintstack and 9 tristack (especially with its 99-9 Material Nature) exist together in a MIX as the only two energies, the result is a life force saturated with competition and dominance with that dominance translating into triumphs, and for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick — the heart and soul of the New England Patriots — the result is Super Bowl victories, five to date. Unprecedented.

And here's the scary part for the other teams in the NFL. This MIX blending of 11-2s and 9s between Brady and Belichick is not transitory. It is a living energy and will continue to live as long as the two of them are together. Thus, five Patriot Super Bowl victories may not be the end of their reign. It may be just the beginning!
~ finis


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