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Bill O'Reilly
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Date of Publication: 26 April 2017

This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Bill O'Reilly.
It's purpose is to show the relationship between his life events and
his numbers in order to advance The King's Numerology as a science.

What destiny has planned for you will come to pass without any
planning on your part. Your destiny will cause you to act
and make effort according to its plan.

~ Saint Jagat Singh, 20th Century

STUDENTS AND FOLLOWERS OF THE KING'S NUMEROLOGY are quite familiar with the power and often unwelcomed presence of the 16-7 Great Purifier energy when it is stacked in a chart. The Great Purifier has made its indelible mark of misfortune in the lives of Hillary Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Amelia Earhart, Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Prince, a cavalcade of others known and unknown, and now Bill O'Reilly — the erstwhile prominent face of Fox News and the host of the defunct The O'Reilly Factor.

The King's Numerology has little interest in the "externals" of Bill O'Reilly's firing — the players, the accusations, politics, etc. What it is interested in are the "internals," i.e., the numbers and number patterns present at the time of O'Reilly's release. Why? Because it is the numbers which define the destiny. The "externals" are simply the manifestations of the numbers, the roots of the drama.

So here is one less-than-artistic drawing revealing how the 16-7 manifests in our lives. Basically, the 16-7 puts us in a cauldron of heat to purify us from our past transgressions and karmic violations/debts. The intensity of the event or events in which it is present depends on stacking. A small campfire is not the same as a forest fire. One day's rain is not the same as forty days and forty nights of rain. A 2.0 rated earthquake generates far less power than a 9.0 on the Richter Scale. You get the picture. So it is with the 16-7. Having one 16-7 show up in a chart is far different from having multiples showing up simultaneously, which would, of course, generate stacking. In other words, the hotter the cauldron, the more intense the distress and the scope of the events, such as being fired from your job when you've hosted the most successful cable news program since 2001 as opposed to just having a bad day at the office.

The following chart reveals a six stack (hexstack) of 16-7 energy during the time frame of Bill O'Reilly's departure from the Fox News Network. All of the 16-7s are in the PE/Reality position, i.e., what will happen; what will be experienced. Five of the six 16-7s are associated with the 8v/(8v)/16-7 Influence/Reality Set.

The 8 void is troublesome because it represents a disconnect in the social flow of life (8v) filtering through another 8v to generate the 16-7 PE outcome representing turmoil, trouble, angst, betrayal. When the 8 is void in a person's chart (no Hs, Qs, or Zs in the natal name), the individual has challenges in understanding the fundamentals of social interaction. They think that they know but they don't know that they don't know and this usually leads to problems, as it did in the case of Bill O'Reilly. Apparently, he never fundamentally connected the dots of his behavior with women in the workplace. Hence, the millions of dollars Fox News paid out in sexual harassment charges.

For students of The King's Numerology, the other timelines and chart components active during this period of O'Reilly's life are set forth in the following chart. We could discuss each one of them and their contribution to O'Reilly's demise, especially his 2 void, for example, which governs female energy, personal relationships, and corroborates, as well as expands, his 8 void social interactive issues, but that would negate the purpose of this article, which is to show, once again, the relationship between the 16-7 Great Purifier and its presence in people's lives when storms, tempests, turmoils and shocking surprises arise.

Life is science. Numerology is science. Numbers and their patterns reveal the structure of destiny. Without a doubt, the next time someone falls from grace or experiences great turmoil or trouble in their lives, the 16-7 energy will be present. Please remember, however, its presence is meant to cleanse, edify and purify, not destroy. We all have to pay for our karmas one way or the other, and it is the 16-7 Great Purifier that plays a major role in such karmic reconciliation.

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