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Date of this article's publication: 26 May 2017

This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Ariana Grande.
It's purpose is to show the relationship between her life events and
her numbers in order to advance The King's Numerology as a science.

The ruler is not truly wise who cannot discern evils before
they develop themselves, and this is a faculty given to few.

~ Niccolò Machiavelli.

A TERRORIST ATTACK AGAIN, SADLY AGAIN. This story of terror is becoming too common, too accepted, too insane. The massacre of children at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, England, on 22 May 2017, is yet another despicable act of murder by individuals behaving more like insects than even low-level humans.

The question arises, "Could numerology have helped prevent this tragedy?" Destiny says, "No," not to this tragedy. However, is it not feasible that understanding numerology forecasting could help prevent future tragedies, or at least mitigate them? The answer is, "Yes." Who's to say that numerology was not given to man for such preventatives?

The King's Numerology believes God gave mankind the secret language of numbers to help him manage life better and to avoid such horrific catastrophes, just as satellite technology helps mankind mitigate and manage storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires and other phenomena by establishing an aerial early-warning system. In like manner, numerology offers a divine early-warning system of forecasting utilizing the numeric patterns of people's lives to help mankind in mitigating and managing the storms and tempests of its collective lives. Yet, the numeric patterns of Ariana Grande's life were missed and mayhem incurred.

Ariana Grande's numerology chart foretells a dark month during the time of the Manchester Massacre, a month that is the worst and most problematic month of her natal year, a month revealing a quadstack (stack of four) of 16-7 energy. Adding her 16-7 Universal Timeline PE for her natal 2016, a 16-7 quintstack (stack of five) is created.

Followers of The King's Numerology know what 16-7 stacking represents, i.e., turmoil, tragedy, heartache, heartbreak, chaos. Had Grande and/or her team possessed this knowledge before booking her concerts, they could have avoided booking any public events for her natal month of April and such horrific events could possibly have been negated. Obviously, it's too late for the past, but the future?


Ariana Grande was born Ariana Grande Butera on 26 June 1993 (Wikipedia). Therefore, her natal months begin on the 26th of each month. The Manchester Massacre occurred on 22 May 2017, four days before she actually entered her natal month of May and over a month away from the start of her 2017 natal year. Therefore, she was still transiting her 2016 natal year. All of our natal years begin on our birthdays, not the first of the calendar year. Therefore, Ariana was transiting the 11th Cycle month of her 2016, which is active from 26 April to 26 May of 2017, the exact time period of the Manchester event.


Ariana Grande's Basic Matrix houses four 16-7 energies. These occupy her Expression, PE, Nature and Material Nature. When added to her ACP 16-7 quintstack, this 16-7 quadstack generates a nanostack (stack of nine) of the Great Purifier 16-7 energy. Not a positive sign for a positive month.


What is also of note is that the word Manchester is a 7 with roots of 43 and 106. When Ariana Grande's 9 Lifepath is mixed with the 7 of Manchester, the outcome is a 16-7 (9 + 7 = 16-7). This is critical because any city in the world with a 7 Expression will generate a 16-7 reality PE for her. Therefore, going forward, Ariana Grande's management team would be well advised to seriously consider not scheduling any concerts in a city manifesting a 7 Expression or name number.

Analyzing further, the word Massacre is a 7 with roots of 16, 25, 79, adding another 16-7. These two 16-7s added to the established 16-7 nanostack generate an eleven stack of 16-7 energy! As The King's Numerology has detailed in multiple articles and books, stacking of the 16-7 energy portends turmoil, trouble, tragedy, tears.

Going deeper yet, when the simple 7s of Manchester and Massacre are added together, the outcome is a 14-5 — the energy of loss and detachment (7 + 7 = 14-5). A word string describing this 7-7-5 pattern can therefore be tragic loss. Another could be tumultuous detachments. A positive word string could be spiritual detachment, but unfortunately this is a dark world where true spirituality and purity take a back seat to materiality, carnality and impurity. As Saint Jagat Singh (20th Century) states:

In this world there is nothing but utter darkness and misery.
It is, indeed, a place where the blind are leading the blind

  1. 16-7: AG's Natal 2016 UTL PE
  2. 16-7: AG's April Cycle ATL
  3. 16-7: AG's April Univ. ATL PE
  4. 16-7: AG's April Cycle PTL
  5. 16-7: AG's April PTL Univ. PE
  6. 16-7: AG's Expression
  7. 16-7: AG's Life PE
  8. 16-7: AG's Nature
  9. 16-7: AG's Material Nature
  10. 16-7: Manchester
  11. 16-7: Massacre


Here is an interesting addition to this sad story, an addition which reminds us all to guard our words because words establish vibrations, vibrations which can come rebounding to us when we least expect them to; vibrations which can have dire, even tragic, consequences.

In 2015, Ariana Grande stated, I hate Americans. I hate America. She apologized for the statement. Whether her feelings were sincere or not, only she knows. The fact is, however, she uttered them. One has to ask how anyone who has been given so much from America, its freedom, opportunity and goodness, as well as the adoration of her American fans, can be so negative, insensitive, careless and indiscreet. Is this yet another example of millennial ingratitude, arrogance, and unbridled narcissism?

What is critical to know is that the word hate is a 16-7 vibration, a word whose negative energy resonates with every one of the eleven 16-7s in the stack pack above. This additional 16-7 creates a dozen stack (or twelve stack) of the Great Purifier energy, thus strengthening an already powerfully dark energy field.

Furthermore, nine components of the original eleven 16-7 stack pack were solidly anchored in Ariana Grande's chart, four in her Basic Matrix alone. Coincidence? Is the hate-generated tragedy in Manchester a karmic rebounding of her statement, I hate Americans. I hate America? Did her "hate speech" actually magnetize hatred to her? Is what happened in Manchester, England, poetic justice? Karmic reconciliation? Both? Whatever the answer, it's a good lesson for all of us to pay strict attention to what we say because what we put onto the circle of life, accidentally or not, sincerely or not, intentionally or not will certainly circle back to encircle us. As Saint Dariya of Bihar states:

The sower of the poison cannot but be engulfed by the poison.


Here's yet another numerical fact. The words murder, dark and sins all exude a 16-7 vibration! Add these three 16-7s to the current Great Purifier stack pack and the darkness deepens, generating an indisputable plaintive tale of woe enshrouding the Massacre at Manchester.


Sadly, the world has had to endure another horrific, malefic, mindless tragedy. But these events are not happenstance. In truth, they are destined — the mandated reaping of our previous sowing. Still, the darkness surrounding such events can be known and forecast if people will open their eyes to the reality of numbers and the part they play in the drama of life in this creation.

Given previous, numerous, documented accounts of 16-7 stacking in preceding King's Numerology articles and books, there is no way the Ariana Grande concert of 22 May 2017 could have a happy, joy-filled ending. A double digit stacking of 16-7 energy is a harbinger of tumult, tragedy and tears. Her 2016 natal April, part of which was spent in the town of Manchester, England, was never going to be a joyous month for her, people around her, or fans coming to see her. If she had only known; if her management team had only known; if her fans and the world had only known, perhaps the horrific events of 22 May 2017 could have had a much different ending. How long will it take, how many tears will be shed, how many hearts will be broken before people awaken to the truth of numbers, life and destiny, especially the 16-7 and its stacking? How long? What shall I do?, says Saint Namdev of the 13th Century. The world sees and yet is blind.
~ finis

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