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This article is neither intended to extol nor defame anyone mentioned. Its purpose
is to reveal the numbers and numeric patterns of such people's lives in relation
to the Presidential Election of 2016 in order to advance numerology as a science.

Be sure your sins will find you out.
~ Bible: Numbers 32:23

Whatever we are reaping now, we ourselves have sown before.
~ Saint Sawan Singh (19th/20th Centuries)

I blame not another. I blame my own karmas. Whatever I sowed,
so did I reap. Why then put the blame on others?

~ Guru Nanak (15th/16th Centuries)

WHATEVER WE SOW, WE REAP. This is the immutable law of this creation. If we sow sunshine and flowers, it is sunshine and flowers we will get. If we sow love and goodness, it is love and goodness we will get. If we sow darkness, it is darkness we will get. And if we sow massive darkness, it is a Tsunami of Darkness we will inevitably get, and if a series of gigantic seismic tidal waves comes crashing down on us, well, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Hillary Clinton's Tsunami of Darkness, which was thoroughly discussed in Part 4 of this 2016 Presidential Election series, has made landfall right on schedule — 26 October 2016. Its series of oppressive and destructive waves will continue unabated until 26 November 2016. The largest of the tsunami waves will hit on 8 November, the day of the presidential election, a day which Hillary Diane Rodham will never forget.

Clinton's Tsunami of Darkness is the metaphor describing Hillary's 16-7 decastack during her natal month of October 2016, a cluster of ten 16-7s which has expanded to a dozen. The negative side of this Great Purifier involves darkness, represented by corruption, deceit, turmoil, tragedy, treachery, betrayal, sorrow, suffering, heartache, heartbreak, dishonor, dishonesty and ignobility. When a massive 16-7 stacking occurs, a fall follows sequentially. The greater the stacking/clustering, the greater the fall, and if one falls from a high place the results will be catastrophic. Given her past history of 16-7 stacking, and if the numbers remain true to their historic manifestation, Hillary Clinton is in for a politically fatal Humpty Dumpty fall on election day.

On 28 October 2016, Friday — two days after her 69th birthday on 26 October 2016, Wednesday — the first powerful seismic wave of 16-7 energy came ashore in the form of the FBI's reopening of the Clinton scandal as a result of a newly found cache of 650,000 emails on a computer shared by Huma Abedin (Clinton's long time closest supporter and employee) and her husband, Anthony Weiner. 650,000! As history has documented, both Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin stated under oath and penalty of perjury they had turned over all emails in their possession regarding the investigation of Clinton's wrong-doing. As history has also documented, Hillary was lying. After receiving a Congressional subpoena to surrender her emails, she immediately destroyed 33,000 emails! Why would anyone destroy such evidence unless they were trying to hide something? Nobody does. In fact, it is a felony to destroy evidence, especially after receiving a Congressional subpoena.

And why is 28 October important? Because 28 is a "1" in its simple form, thus generating another 1/(15)/16-7 energy. This was on the 28th, the very day the FBI renewed the Clinton investigation, i.e., trouble for Hillary Clinton and her cartel. Obviously, this is extremely disconcerting for Clinton and her cronies. But things like this always historically happen when Clinton's numbers are stacked in a 16-7 cluster. Election day, 8 November 2016, generates a 19-10-1 energy — another 1/(15)/16-7 IR Set for Clinton. Not a good sign for her, to say the least.

Here's another major numeric note. During the Democratic primaries on 25 March 2016, Bernie Sanders destroyed Clinton in a landslide victory with an average of 75% of the vote in three states: Hawaii, Washington and Alaska. On that day, Hillary Clinton had a hexstack (six stack) of 16-7 energy. The kicker: 25 March 2016 is a 19-10-1 energy, generating, of course, a 1/(15)/16-7 pattern for Clinton, the same energy pattern when the FBI reopened the case against her on 28 October and the same energy pattern that will be active on 8 November, election day. Yet, election day is worse because it manifests a 16-7 decastack for Hillary; not a hexstack. Portent of a Donald Trump landslide?

Aspects of Hillary Clinton's Tsunami of Darkness, i.e., Corruption

Here is a sampling of some aspects of Clinton's 16-7 decastack October Tsunami of Darkness and its concomitant corruption and criminality.
  • The never-ending revelations of the Clinton Foundation and its illegal pay-for-play scheme to fill the Clinton coffers with millions of dollars for access to the Clintons and their favors, which could be procured via a quid-pro-quo arrangement. Unidentified sources tell Bret Baier of Fox News that the FBI will continue its investigation into the Clinton Foundation regardless of the election's outcome and that there is an "avalanche of new information coming in every day," the result of a rebellion by the rank and file, hard working, honest members of the DOJ and FBI who believe Hillary Clinton should have been indicted in the first place based on a preponderance of the evidence against her.

    Rudy Giuliani, former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, as well as former Mayor of New York, has stated that Hillary Clinton has easily violated 20 to 30 federal laws and should be prosecuted and that any reasonable prosecutor would have prosecuted Hillary Clinton in a second. The reason she has not been prosecuted is because of the corruption of both the State Department and the Department of Justice, the DOJ currently being headed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who serves at the pleasure of President Barack Obama.

  • The daily relentless releases by Wikileaks of hundreds of thousands of emails, which clearly confirm the corrupt collusion between the President of the United States, Barack Obama; Attorney General Loretta Lynch; former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, DOJ Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik, the FBIs second-in-command Andrew McCabe, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, John Podesta, et. al. Their collusion is, arguably, the greatest scandal in American political history. Such behavior is an egregious, shameful and unacceptable abuse of power, the kind of power reflective of emperors and kings, the kind of power that gave birth to America in the beginning with her rebellion against King George III of England, and certainly the kind of power that will not be condoned by the rulers of America — her people.

    From a numerological point of view, "Wikileaks" is a "1" in reduction. When combined with Hillary Clinton's 15-6 energy, it creates yet another 1/(15)/16-7 energy pattern! So here we see how karma works. The action of the "1," in this case Wikileaks, is exposing the darkness of Hillary Clinton and obviously making trouble for her and expanding the power of the tsunami engulfing her.

  • The FBI's reopening of the Clinton scandal on 28 October, Friday, as a result of the release of Huma Abedin's 650,000 emails, which were contained in the computer she shared with her husband, Anthony Weiner.

  • Revelations that Democrat operative Donna Brazile, working for CNN, fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton before her debate with Bernie Sanders. What honorable and honest people and/or news organizations do this? Answer: none. Supplying a person with debate questions beforehand is cheating, plain and simple. Honest and honorable people don't cheat.

  • The reality of polls dropping for Hillary Clinton but surging for Donald Trump in lieu of the new, and ever-continuing, release of damaging information of the corrupt, even criminal, Clinton cartel.

  • The massive crowds of people attending Donald Trump's rallies with their blocks-long lines of fervent supporters. This speaks directly to the fact that common people, not elites, want change and, basically, a revolution against the status quo. In fact, it is interesting the amount of energy Trump has, giving multiple rallies daily, often in varying states. His vitality makes the Energizer Bunny look like a corpse.

  • Chants initiated by Trump supporters such as Lock her up and Drain the swamp in relation to crimes by Hillary Clinton and the political cesspool in Washington cannot be ignored because they're coming from the people, not from political operatives. Even if Clinton were to win, how could she govern when the #1 word associated with her is liar and millions of people believe, not without cause, that she should be behind bars, as other people have been placed for committing far fewer crimes.

  • The 99% certainty that Hillary Clinton's private server was hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, which speaks directly to Clinton's bad judgment and gross negligence in protecting America's security and national interest. It also invalidates her comments that her server was never hacked nor violated. How can a governmental official, Secretary of State, and potential President of the United States of America be so utterly careless, dishonest, incompetent and self-serving, and why would any reasonable person entrust their family's safety, well-being and future to such an individual? Clinton's actions were not mere mistakes, as she and her surrogates would like everyone to believe. They were crimes, violations of law and, in fact, an argument can easily be made that they were an act of treason, i.e., giving aid and comfort to the enemy. They are that serious.

    Furthermore, evidence has now emerged that President Barack Obama not only knew of Hillary's private server but he was also communicating directly with her on that server! And, yet, he claims ignorance of it, just like he told the American people there was not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS scandal where the agency was accused of targeting conservative groups, which was a stare-you-in-the-face lie, just like Obama's ceaseless reverberating falsehoods regarding Obamacare: You can keep your doctor, period; and You can keep your health care plan, period, and Every family will save $2500 a year with Obamacare. In fact, in 2016 the IRS admitted they did, indeed, target conservative groups and, as history has painfully demonstrated, keeping your doctor, your medical plan and saving $2500 per year was a scam — just lies to get Obamacare passed, which has now turned out to be a disaster and utter failure with premiums and deductibles skyrocketing beyond people's ability to pay.

It is no mystery that Hillary Clinton's life, as well as her husband's and the many people associated with their criminal enterprise, is experiencing a Tsunami of Darkness. It was inevitable. Karma is unrelenting and it favors no one. We must reap what we sow. The Clinton cartel has been sowing deceit and darkness for decades, and Hillary's numbers and decastack of 16-7 energy during her natal October indicate that it is time for her, as well as everyone within the Clinton cartel and current administration's net of treachery, deceit and criminality, to begin reaping the seeds they have sewn.

All of this election madness is a direct reflection of the universal energies of 2016. The "2" rules others, deceit, treachery, female energy, opposition, division, contention. The "16" governs betrayal, adultery, chaos, tumult, darkness, purification and cleansing. The "9" (the year's energies reduced to a single digit) equates to power, universality, the people en masse. The "5" subcap Challenge indicates change, movement, motion, revolt, revolution, rebellion. The "4," sibling subcap Challenge to the 5, focuses on the status quo, structures, security, foundation, laws, order, organization, destruction and reconstruction. When we look at all these numbers/energies together, we can clearly see why 2016 has been such a dramatic year, a tumultuous year, a year of global change, turmoil, revolution and restructuring.

Now, on 8 November 2016, Tuesday — just four days from the publication of this article (4 November 2016) — the United States of America will elect a new leader . . . or a criminal, as President. It is a stark choice and, unfortunately, a sad choice that America has sunk to such lows that a criminal can even run for the highest office in the free world. Will the people, in their ignorance and blindness, embrace and succumb to the darkness of the Clinton cartel and its nefarious web of elitist self-serving greed and power, or will they rise in revolt and defiance of this stain on America's great legacy and thereby expel the malevolent machinations of crooks, cronies and criminals in deference to a new beginning of honesty, common sense and renewed passion for ethical leadership and public service? The countdown is now at . . . 4 — 3 — 2 — 1.

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