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This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Hillary Clinton. Its purpose
is to reveal the numbers and numeric patterns of her life in relation to the
Presidential Election of 2016 in order to advance numerology as a science.

The truth fears no questions.
~ Lieutenant General Michael Flynn
Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency
Former Assistant Director of National Intelligence

Oh what a tangled web we weave
when first we practise to deceive.

~ Marmion, Sir Walter Scott

In the web of its own actions is the
whole world caught and it does not realize it.

~ Guru Nanak - 15th/16th Centuries

NO ONE ESCAPES THEIR KARMA. NO ONE. Each of us must, by karmic law, pay for all we do, whether our actions are positive or negative. This is the inescapable, sobering, eternal truth of this world and it applies to everyone. Underscore everyone. Furthermore, no one is above Karmic Law, even though they may fancy themselves to be above human and political law, especially when supported by their corrupt cronies and other malfeasant partners in crime. Such delusions — thinking that we are above the Great Law and that it doesn't apply to us — is an inexorable trap from which we cannot escape. Hence, Guru Nanak's statement above. Eventually, our ignorance, arrogance and defiance become the shackles of our enslavement in a web of our own making. That enslavement, and all its concomitant suffering, is manifested through the 16-7 Great Purifier energy.

During her natal August (26 August to 26 September) it is obvious that Hillary Clinton's karma was boomeranging bigtime. Her well-known and publicized lies, deceits, treacheries, scandals and pay-for-play scheming through the Clinton Foundation, which have placed America's national security at risk, have caught up to her and are over-taking her to the point that even some in the main stream media, her ardent ally, are turning against her.

Perhaps this is why the latest Gallup poll, released on 14 September 2016, shows the media at its lowest approval rating in its polling history — a mere 32%. Clearly, the American people feel the mass media are not doing the job they should be doing in a free society.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans' trust and confidence in the mass media "to report the news
fully, accurately and fairly" has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history,
with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media.

Translation: 68% of the American public have no trust in the mass media whatsoever. That's nearly 7 out of every 10 people who have no confidence in what the mass media are telling them. Dismal.

In Part 4 of this 2016 Presidential Election series it was noted that Hillary Clinton's natal August houses a quintstack (five stack) of 16-7 energy. A quintstack of any number is quite substantial. As you will recall, and noted above, the 16-7 is the energy that forces us to pay for our misdeeds, transgressions, and untoward behaviors. The more 16-7 energy there is at any one time, the greater the fire, trouble, turmoil, discord and darkness for the individual. Hillary Clinton's natal August/September is a clear example of such intensity, a foreboding forerunner to her natal October/November (26 Oct. to 26 Nov.), during the time of the Presidential Election, in which her chart reveals a massive and extremely rare decastack (ten stack) of 16-7 energy — the reason for her Tsunami of Darkness, which was the theme of Part 4.

Following are two lists: 1) the placement of Clinton's 16-7s in her natal August chart; 2) a rather long list of some of the revelations and problematic issues that came to light, or rather erupted, during her 16-7 quintstack August/September. These are mentioned to show the relationship between the turmoil in one's life, the 16-7 energy and its stacking or simultaneous energetic clustering. Before Clinton's natal 16-7 quintstack August began, we knew the month would be troublesome for her because of the 16-7 stacking. What we did not know was exactly how the energy would manifest. Now we know, and it was not good.

As a reminder, LIST stands for lessons, influences, subjects and themes in the IR Sets below (Influence/Reality Sets). This is the incoming energy. ROPE stands for reality, outcome, performance, experience. It represents the outgoing energy and what will actually be experienced.

Hillary Clinton's 16-7 August/September Quintstack
  • Age Timeline-Cycle month: 16-7 LIST

  • Universal Timeline Cycle month PE: 16-7 ROPE

  • Universal Timeline Universal month: 16-7 LIST

  • Personal Timeline Cycle month PE: 16-7 ROPE

  • Personal Timeline Universal month: 16-7 LIST

Hillary Clinton's 16-7 Quintstack Issues & Problems

If you've ever wondered how a 16-7 quintstack can manifest in a person's life, especially Hillary Clinton's life, aside from what has already been substantiated in this article series, the following partial list will help answer your inquiry. Remember, all these things happened within a one month period of time — 26 August to 26 September, 2016. They are all verifiable and factual.
  • Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scandal selling access to Secretary of State Clinton for millions of dollars to private and foreign entities

  • Sixty-six percent (66%) of Americans believe the Clinton Foundation sells influence in a pay-to-play scheme

  • The liberal New York Times calling on Clinton to cut her ties to the Clinton Foundation

  • Judicial Watch lawsuit forcing Clinton to answer 25 questions in writing and under oath by 29 September (penalty of perjury statues apply)

  • The FBI's discovery of yet another15,000 deleted emails over and above the 33,000 discovered after Hillary signed a sworn statement in August of 2015, under penalty of perjury, stating she had turned over all her work-related emails! That's 48,000 emails discovered after her sworn testimony that everything had been turned over to the FBI.

  • New evidence emerged during this quintstack period that Clinton even sent classified emails after leaving the State Department.

  • In a document dump (Part 1; Part 2) on Friday, 2 September 2016, the FBI stated that Hillary Clinton used 13 mobile devices to send and receive emails from her private server. This was a clear violation of State Department policy because it obviously places America's national security at risk. In the past, Clinton said she only used one email device, not multiples.

  • The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoenaed three of Hillary Clinton's IT employees associated with her private server to discover the truth behind the server. Two of the three invoked their 5th Amendment right. Why? What are they hiding? Common sense tells us people don't generally destroy things unless they're hiding something.

  • Donald Trump's meeting with Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto on 31 August, beating Clinton to the punch. She was invited to attend but didn't. Her rejection is an example of the 16-7 energy, an energy that seeks reclusion, not inclusion.

  • Billionaire Democrat and financial supporter George Soros' statement: I am a God. I created everything; I control America and Hillary Clinton reveals yet another troublesome issue, especially when a potential President of the United States is owned and controlled by billionaire megadonors.

  • Hillary Clinton's refusal to hold a press conference for over 275 days has been very problematic for her. Obviously, she does not want to be asked by legitimate reporters about Benghazi and the four Americans who died under her watch, about her private server, her deleted classified emails and lying about them, and especially the Clinton Foundation and its pay-to-play scheme. As Lt. General Michael Flynn says, The truth fears no questions. The logical assumption is that Hillary Clinton is scared to answer such questions because it will expose her corruption and incompetence. Therefore, she hides and makes up all kinds of excuses as to why she won't do open press conferences.

  • Another issue, not directly associated with the U.S., is Germany's pushback against Chancellor Angela Merkel's migrant refugee program. This harmonizes with Great Britain's BREXIT earlier this year. Since Hillary wants to increase Obama's migrant refugee program by 550%, this cannot and does not bode well for her in the realm of national security.

  • Hillary Clinton's exclamation that she can't remember fundamental aspects of her duties as Secretary of State, nor the designation of classified documents ("C" is the State Department's mark for classified/confidential documents). This statement reveals that Clinton is either lying or mentally impaired. Either way, should it not disqualify her from being in any leadership position, let alone President of the United States?

  • A major concern for Hillary Clinton is her health issues, which seem to be quite serious, although discounted and heavily covered up by her team. Her memory lapses, stumbling, recurring coughing fits, concussion, blood clot complications, collapsing at the 911 Memorial Service, pneumonia, fainting spells, and having to be physically supported constantly are all concerns. She even has a wheelchair lift in the back of her official government vehicle. Yet, the mass media press won't mention it because it casts another light on her physical problems and, hence, her inability to function at a high level. This reluctance to report the news fully, accurately and fairly is another contributing factor to the public's 68% lack of trust in the media.

  • Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, says he'll be releasing thousands of documents regarding Hillary Clinton. This has to be of concern to her.

  • A major blow during her 16-7 quintstack August involves the hacked emails between former General and Secretary of State Colin Powell and Democrat megadonor Jeffery Leeds in which Powell says . . .

    I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect.
    A 70-year person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy,
    not transformational, with a husband still dicking bimbos at home.
    (according to the NYP).

  • Poll numbers have to be another major concern for Clinton. Hers are dropping; Trump's are rising.

  • Perhaps Hillary's most damaging and self-inflicted wound during her 16-7 quintstack August, which has caused a firestorm on social media, was calling Donald Trump's supporters a Basket of Deplorables. It's one thing to trash-talk an opposing candidate but trash-talking the American people whose votes you're seeking and whom you want to lead? Not wise.

    Very astutely, King's Numerology master student, Hunter Stowers, refers to the 1/(15)/16-7 energy pattern as self-sabotage — a perfect two word phrase for Hillary's general actions, especially as far as the "Deplorables" statement is concerned.

    Hillary Clinton's words were . . .

    You could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the Basket of Deplorables . . .
    the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic - you name it.

    The photo below, courtesy of Keln78 was used at a Trump rally in Florida as a mainstage backdrop playing to the music of Do you hear the people sing? from Les Miserables as Trump made his entrance to a frenetically enthusiastic crowd (version 2). One could not help thinking that such a "Deplorable" Clinton moment could be likened to the Titanic hitting the iceberg as a precursor to its fatal sinking and ultimate demise.

    Did Clinton's "Deplorables" comment do damage to Trump or to her? Quite obviously not to Trump. His supporters exploded in defiance of Clinton's own deplorability. People from all walks of life — military generals, religious leaders, pundits, normal folk, etc. — are chiming in, criticizing and ridiculing her for such unpresidential comments, turning her own words against her with iconic American spirit, wit and humor.

  • Lifelong Democrat Kennedy Speechwriter to Vote for Trump. Adam Walinsky describes the Democrat Party as the "Party of War" and states This year, I will vote to elect Donald Trump as president of the United States. Read his article here.

  • Angry U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon orders Hillary Clinton to produce security training documents or face depositions.

Without question, Hillary Clinton's 16-7 quintstack August/September has been awash in turmoil, problems, concerns, complications, etc. Yet, this is the type of thing that happens with a 16-7 quintstack. As her destiny moves forward, Clinton's natal September (26th to 26 October) will not be as troublesome as her quintstack August. In fact, it may give her a false sense of security, much like the calm before the storm. However, she should still be quite concerned. Her 16-7 October/November decastack and her Tsunami of Darkness at the time of the Presidential Election are in countdown mode, and their ETA is, at the time of this publication on 28 September 2016, just 42 days away.
~ finis

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