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(Published: 20 May 2016)

2016 Presidential Election - Part 1      2016 Presidential Election - Part 2
2016 - A Red Flag Warning

Ask not what your country can do for you.
Ask what you can do for your country.

~ John F. Kennedy - 35th President of the United States

FEELIN' "THE BERN?" Have you been paying attention to the Democrat race for the nomination during this volatile 2016 Presidential race? You can bet Hillary Clinton certainly has. Besides being assaulted by Donald Trump, she has yet to wrap up the nomination of her own Democrat party because a nemesis by the name of Bernie Sanders is burning up the campaign trail with massive crowds and Berning Believers; her crowds paling in comparison.

Vermont senator and democratic socialist Bernie Sanders was born Bernard Sanders on 8 September 1941. And is he ever giving Hillary Clinton fits! If it were not for the "super delegates" appointed by the Democrat party elites to ensure their "candidate" received the presidential nod, as opposed to an outsider like Sanders, the race between Sanders and Clinton may have been more honest, legitimate and believable. However, with the non-democratic structure of the Democrat party's nomination process, the race between Sanders and Clinton is nothing more than a show designed to coronate Clinton as her party's nominee for president. Remember what was said in PE-P2 regarding fair fights? They're not always fair, as the Clinton political machine has consistently proven throughout its long and tarnished history.

All this said, what is it about Bernie Sanders that is giving Hillary Clinton so much trouble and concern? Let's take a look.

Basic Matrices - Sanders & Clinton

The first thing is Bernie's 5 Lifepath. 5 is the Number of Man, of change, excitement, movement, exuberance, revolution. Clinton has no 5s in her Basic Matrix. Her chart is awash in energies of the status quo and entitlement. But the energies of 2016 are not about the status quo. They're about great change and movement. Interestingly, the word movement is precisely how both the Sanders' and Trump campaigns have characterized themselves, i.e., as movements. The numbers of the calendar year 2016 confirm this. If you haven't read it yet, the article 2016 - A Red Flag Warning is worth a read through.

Added to Sanders' 5 Lifepath is a 5 Crown Pinnacle with a 66-3 outcome, ciphered in quasi simple terms as 5/(7)/66-3. This is extremely noteworthy because the 5 is in the Influence aspect of this time in Sanders' life and, hence, a period of change, movement, excitement, people, etc. and the outcome of its energy manifests in the master number 66-3, which reveals a love (66) of speaking/communication (3). Furthermore, Sanders' Crown Challenge is a 7/(7)/5, which addresses his thoughts, ideas, and philosophy (7) relating to the change (5) he would like to see. Both the 5s in his Crown Pinnacle and Crown Challenge corroborate his 5 Lifepath. In effect, Sanders' message at this time of his life matches 2016's 5 Challenge.

The number 5 is a fire sign. As mentioned, it is also the Number of Man, of change and revolution. Hence, it is easy to understand how the phrase Feel the Bern came into being, or is it Feel the Burn? Obviously, it's been a highly effective catch phrase and play on words for Bernie Sanders any way you look at it.

Bernie's 2 vs. Hillary's 2 Void

Here is a major problem for Hillary Clinton. As discussed in PE-P2 , Clinton has no 2s in her natal name. This creates an energy that is impersonal. However, Bernie has no 2 void in his birth name. Thus, he is more personal than Hillary, which is quite obvious. Just look at the massive crowds Sanders has drawn and is drawing compared to the relative flaccid gatherings of Clinton. Very telling. The elites in the Democrat party may well have locked up her nomination due to their non-elected but rather party-appointed "super delegates," but the burning masses of Sanders are vociferously registering their open support of Sanders with their "Never Hillary" sentiment. After all, it should be the people who determine the delegates who then determine the party nominee. Otherwise, why have primaries at all?

Another issue is that Sanders is seen as being genuine and honest. Clinton has been labeled in poll after poll as being a liar, dishonest, untrustworthy and unlikable, even by voters in her own party. In an article entitled Even supporters agree: Clinton has weaknesses as a candidate. What can she do? by Anne Gearan and Dan Balz of The Washington Post, it is stated that "More than a dozen Clinton ­allies identified weaknesses in her candidacy...". The article goes into further detail, of course, but the fact remains that Clinton's battle with Bernie Sanders for the nomination of the Democrat party is struggling. Sanders is clearly the people's choice; Hillary the elite's choice. The people versus the establishment - recipe for a political revolution, a revolution common to both political parties; a revolution identified by the 5 Challenge of change and the 16 energy of testing, chaos and purification.

Yet another numeric item of consideration is that Bernie Sanders' Expression is a 7, which resonates with the 16 of the calendar year 2016. The number 16 — the Great Purifier in the King's Numerology system — reduces to a 7. Hillary has no 7s in her Basic Matrix, so she's competing against an adversary who's quite comfortable with the fight, the struggle, the turmoil.

Thus, not only are Bernie Sanders' supporters Feeling' the Bern, so is Hillary Clinton but in a directly opposite way. His supporters are fueling his fire but they're scorching her. With the "political arrangement" of the Democrat party's selection process, Clinton will no doubt get the nomination of her party but at what cost, and will the "Bern" char her chances of being President of the United States?
~ finis

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