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Contrast of the 99ers

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(Published: 22 April 2016)

2016 Presidential Election - Part 1

All men come into this world with a destiny of their own which goes on
pushing them relentlessly on the course already marked out for them.
Whatever has to happened has already happened.

~ Saint Charan Singh, 20th Century

OH, SUCH DRAMA! Shakespeare would be proud.

Double, double, toil and trouble,
fire burn and cauldron bubble,
suppliants vie for a vaunted seat,
one in triumph, one in defeat;
caveat flows from an oath in gown —
uneasy lies the head that wears a crown!

Regardless of the chaos surrounding the 2016 Presidential election, one thing is certain: the person who wins the Presidency is the one who was destined to be President. It's that simple, and it's that true. Nothing is happenstance in this world; all is preordained. This is the message of all Saints and Mystics, as exemplified by Saint Charan Singh's quote above. Being President of the United States, however, also echoes a Shakespearian warning: uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, and although American presidents are not kings or queens, the gravity of their status cannot be underestimated.

As of April 2016, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the front runners of their respective political parties. In some ways they are much alike; in some ways different. This article will contrast and comment on a few of their more critical numerological aspects.

Basic Matrixes - Clinton & Trump

The Powerful 99-9 Master Number - a Clash of Titans

The first thing of note is that both Clinton and Trump manifest a 99-9 in the PE (outcome) position of their Basic Matrix. The 99-9 master number is the most universal, powerful, dominate, domineering, and rulership-oriented energy there is. To have this master number in the outcome component of a chart guarantees that the individual will be in the public spotlight their entire life. It is unavoidable. Therefore, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are living their numbers, as each of us does, and we are incapable of doing otherwise. At this point, you may want to read the article Love, Money, Fortune, Celebrity & the Number 9. It offers a fuller description of the #9 and the #99-9. The article reveals that the phrase ruling class, among others, is a 9 energy, thus energetically associating the life performances of both Clinton and Trump with the ruling class.

To emphasize the power of the 99-9, here are a few famous individuals who possess it in their charts. Is there any name/person you don't recognize? Of course not. The 99-9 places everyone front and center in the drama of life. Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Elvis Presley, Howard Hughes, John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, Gisele BŁndchen, Sofia Loren, Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods. And this is just a short list!

The main thing to remember about a 99-9 PE is that it is rare and equates to power. So the 2016 Presidential election, if the opponents are, indeed, Clinton and Trump, will be a clash of powerful titans — Clinton, the ensconced lifetime politician; Trump, the billionaire businessman and insurgent challenger to the status quo. And should they actually conjoin on the political battlefield, rest assured it won't be a little squeamish skirmish; more like a calamitous cannonade of prodigious proportions.

Hillary Clinton - Basic Matrix Highlights

Clinton's Basic Matrix is awash in 3s, 6s and 9s. It is not uncommon for lawyers, politicians, broadcasters, artists, thespians, media members and other individuals whose lives revolve around communication, words and the public to have these numbers in their charts, although perhaps not to the degree Clinton has them.

Of note is that the root of the 6 and 9 is the number 3 (3 + 3 = 6; 3 + 3 + 3 = 9). Too, when we consider that the number 33 is 3 x 11, one begins to understand the depth of the number 3 in Clinton's chart.

Attributes of the number 3 are self-expression, art, artistry, words, communication, language, speech, image and images, imagination, health and well-being, beauty, friends, children, creativity, ease, pleasure, joy, comfort, entitlement, narcissism.

Hillary Clinton's entire professional life has been involved in the legal and political fields. Words and communication are intrinsic to her profession. Having been the First Lady of Arkansas and First Lady of the White House when her husband had been Governor and President respectively, speaks to the historic reality of her life as a politician, as well as to her comfort, ease of living and sense of entitlement. No number references entitlement more than the number 3, and the greater amount of 3 energy in a chart, the greater the sense of entitlement. How often, for example, has it been noted in the press that Hillary Clinton feels she is entitled to be President? All this is a result of the amalgam of 3 energy in her Basic Matrix.

Interestingly, the phrase elite class equates to the master number 33, which resides in Clinton's Material Soul (defining her worldly needs, wants, desires and motivations to be in the "elite class") and in her Material Nature (defining her worldly personality and association with that class). This elite class marriage of desire and personality corroborates Clinton's sense of entitlement and behavior.

Because of its unique, artistic, expressive qualities, the master number 33 is often found in the charts of actors and actresses. Thespians must use many faces, many images in portraying their characters on screen or on stage. The 33 in Clinton's Material Soul and Material Nature corroborate such energy — all of which supports and validates her 3 Lifepath, its lessons, influences, subjects and themes. Too, the master number 66 in her Soul speaks directly to Clinton's love of words and speaking, and because 66 is a double 33, it resonates perfectly with her performance(s) in life.

One of the intriguing facts involving the number 3 is that the words live and evil both equal a 3 in reduction. What is even more fascinating is that the word evil is live spelled backwards. The argument could then be made that when a person is operating on the positive side of the 3's energy, they are reflecting its positive energy, but when a person is operating on the negative side of the 3's energy, they are reflecting its negative attributes. Something for all of us to keep in mind.

Donald Trump - Basic Matrix Highlights

In contrast to Clinton's chart, Donald Trump's chart is quite different, even though he also has a 99-9 PE. The first difference is his 4 Lifepath, which is in contrast to Clinton's 3 Lifepath. The 4 references work, not entitlement. The 4 is also an energy representing all things of structure, construction, building, development, security, stability, roots, routines, regimens and patterns. The 4 reflects order, organization, convention, discipline, restraint, self-control and is a strong energy, unyielding, even stubborn. It should be remembered that the Lifepath is not the person. The Lifepath reflects the lessons, issues, subjects and themes with which the individual, in this case Donald Trump, will be confronted in life. In effect, the Lifepath is the script of a person's life — the lessons which must be learned, the drama that must be dramatized.

Trump's 5 Expression represents an energy that is diverse, mercurial, changeable, volatile, rebellious, unpredictable, unconventional. In contrast to the Lifepath, the Expression is the person. This 5 energy is why people have a hard time getting a handle on Trump and his actions. His political tactics are amorphous. Hence, they lack a definite shape, a predictable structure and pattern. This mercurial quality keeps his opponents off balance, confused and guessing, usually incorrectly.

Plus, Trump's 5 Expression makes him a wild card, a rebel, and in his case, "a rebel with a cause." In fact, his 4 Lifepath, 5 Expression and 9 PE can be described in a word string as "a structural (4) rebellion (5) against the status quo (9)." Status quo, by the way, manifests a 9 Expression. It is Trump's "wild card" and "rebel mindset" that have made him unpopular with the political establishment, which doesn't like anyone rocking the boat of its entitled "elite class" of power brokers, lobbyists, donors and special interest cabals.

One of Trump's problematic issues is the opposition of his 4 Lifepath and 5 Expression. This 4-5 opposition is one of three natural opposition patterns in numerology. The other two sets are the 1-2 and the 7-8.

Trump's 5 Expression is freedom-oriented. It doesn't like to be restrained. But his 4 Lifepath and its lessons are about restraint. Hence, the 4-5 conflict. This is why Trump likes to speak extemporaneously sans teleprompter, but why he often gets in trouble with his words, which need to be more structured, more pre-planned. The 4 Lifepath energy is all about planning, order and organization, so Trump needs to find a balance between the ordered, disciplined, controlled 4 and the free-spirited 5. It is his free-wheeling, uncontrolled speech that often gets him in trouble.

On the positive side, it is precisely this 4-5 conjunction that has changed (5) the common (4) discourse and brought issues once hidden into the light (such as the way delegates in each party are chosen), and this is a beneficial thing. It's a good bet that most Americans have no idea how party candidates are actually chosen, which, as is being revealed, is not a matter of the people choosing their candidates but the party elites choosing the candidates (the donor class, lobbyists, special interests, i.e.,) — those who do not want to lose their power and control. It is this conversation of "structural (4) change (5)" that Trump's 4-5 conjunction has created and continues to promulgate.

Trump's Dual Soul and Nature Layers

Another interesting aspect of Trump's Basic Matrix is that his Soul Layers and Nature Layers are identical, manifesting a 7/(4)/11-2 energy. The Soul energies define a person's needs, wants, desires and motivations; the Nature energies represent an individual's personality. The 7 rules traits associated with internalization, reflection, investigation, examination, thought, study, analysis, critical thinking, seclusion. 7 can be cool, cold, very shrewd and as a fighter, even ruthless. The 7 is also a warrior energy which can wreak havoc on one's opponents. Obviously, a common Trump trait.

The 11-2 Material Soul and Material Nature represent an energy of others, relationship, opposition, competition, confliction, negotiation, adversity, compromise, balance, war and peace, fair and unfair (opposite sides of the same energetic coin).

It should be noted that no two numbers in conjunction or tandem represent "mixing it up" more than the 11-2 and 7. It is these two numbers together that give Trump his fighter's persona. Frankly, if you were going into battle, you would not want an adversary to have these numbers. You'd want him on your side. Trump loves to fight. He loves confrontation. He loves "mixing it up." He loves to win. It is both his basic motivation and his personality — intrinsic qualities that will never change. More on this later.

The downside of the 7/(4)/11-2 energy is that the 2 is a water sign and emotional by nature. It can also manifest as being overly critical (7) of others (11-2). Such behavior is certainly a Trump trait, as his political campaign has proven. This is also why he often complains that the political process, the media, etc., are often unfair to him. It's the fairness/unfairness 11-2 energy at work.

Resonance with America

How does the energy of America relate to Clinton and Trump? Well, the Lifepath of the United States of America is 5. Her Soul is a 9, and her Material Soul, like her Lifepath, is a 5. Her Expression is a 3. America's 9 Soul makes her universal, expansive, powerful. Since both Clinton and Trump have a 9 PE, America resonates well with each of them. But since her Lifepath and Material Soul are both a 5, she would relate more to Trump since he has a 5 Expression. Hillary has no 5s. Trump is the outsider, the insurgent, the rebel who can't be controlled. Clinton is the insider, the persona of the establishment. Establishment is a 3 energy, an energy resonating deeply with every component of Clinton's Basic Matrix. Trump's 5 represents change; Clinton's numbers have no basis in change. They represent the establishment, the status quo. If there is anything that describes the 2016 Presidential election it is a rebellion against the status quo. In other words — Trump versus Clinton or, in historic times, the American Colonies versus Great Britain, and we know who won that rebellion.

Master Names

Here's an interesting comparison. The name Clinton is a 33-6 with a 6 Soul and a 9 Nature. Thus, Hillary's entire Basic Matrix resonates perfectly with her married name, Clinton. The name Trump reflects an 88-7 master energy. Its Soul is a 3; its Nature is a 22-4. Since Trump's natal Soul and Nature are both 7s and his Lifepath is a 4, his Basic Matrix, like Clinton's, resonates with his surname.

Famous individuals with the master number 33 in their charts include: Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Babe Ruth, Charlie Sheen, George Armstrong Custer, Whitney Houston, Paris Hilton and Winston Churchill.

The master number 88 is an energy of the master interactor. 8s connect, interact, engage. This powerful 88 energy with its 7 crown (8 + 8 = 16: 1 + 6 = 7) allows Trump to be successful administratively, which is a clear indicator underlying his extreme business success.

Famous people with the 88 in their charts are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Schweitzer, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Elvis Presley, John Wooden, Mother Teresa, Warren Buffett, George Soros and even the United States of America.


The name Hillary Diane Rodham maintains a 2 void. In other words, she has no Bs, Ks, or Ts in her natal name. A 2 void manifests as an impersonal energy. It can be insincere, disingenuous, unsympathetic, unpathetic, rude, careless and disrespectful. People with a 2 void in their charts often have major issues with close personal relationships, especially if there are no 2s in the Basic Matrix. If there were 2s in the Basic Matrix, they would tend to mitigate its negative effects. Therefore, Clinton's lack of 2s poses a problem for her. This explains why one of her major criticisms is that she's not very likeable.

Clinton's 2 void has been on global display many times. Perhaps the most iconic display of her 2 void was during a Benghazi Congressional hearing when, dressed in a green suit, glasses and commenting on the four Americans who died under her watch as Secretary of State (including Ambassador Chris Stevens), she emphatically declared with outstretched arms coupled with a tone of defiance, "What difference, at this point, does it make?" And to make matters worse, she lied to the families of those who died, telling them it was the result of an internet video when, history has proven via her private emails to her daughter, she knew it was a terrorist attack all along, and yet she lied anyway, continually. She also allowed the lie to be publically promulgated, promoted and perpetuated by Susan Rice, the United States National Security Advisor.

These incidents represent a 2 void manifestation — a complete, unsympathetic concern for others to a point of prevarication. This 2 void has played a major role in Hillary Clinton's high untrustworthy rating. In an article by Veronica Stracqualursi of ABC News, she stated that a Quinnipiac poll revealed that the number one word most associated with Hillary Clinton was liar. Other words associated with Clinton, stated the article, were dishonest, untrustworthy, and criminal.

To be clear, not all people with a 2 void are dishonest, but given the power and entitlement awash in Clinton's chart, the 2 void is certainly playing its part. This begs the question: "With such a high untrustworthy rating, why would anyone conceive of supporting, even voting for, Hillary Clinton for the most powerful office in the free world — the Presidency of the United States of America — especially since trust is the number one ingredient of successful relationships?" It is truly confounding, troubling, frightening.

The name Donald John Trump has no voids.

Numerical Battle

Here's an interesting twist. Take the names Clinton and Trump out of the competitive equation and juxtapose just their simple Basic Matrix number sets in a mano-a-mano format, number sets which can be common to anyone. Which number pattern would win in a numerical battle? Interesting question. The numerical equation would then be:

Opponent A: 3-6-9-3-6-3-6 and its 2 void versus Opponent B: 4-5-9-7-2-7-2: no voids

Frankly, there is no contest between these two number groupings regarding an imaginary battle simply based on the purity of the energies involved sans any external/allied help. The "3-6-9-3-6-3-6 and its 2 void" pattern of Opponent A could not endure the onslaught of the "4-5-9-7-2-7-2" energy field of Opponent B in a fair fight. But then again, what's fair in a fight?

The energy field of Opponent A is not about conflict and battle. It's about words, talk, entitlement, ease of living, enjoyment, comfort, image and images. The energy field of Opponent B is steeped in conflict, confrontation, adversity, analysis. It is highly active, amorphous, unrestrained, diverse, strong and dominant. Opponent A seeks comfort and entitlement. Opponent B loves the fight, the battle, the clashing of wits and weapons. In fact, it lives for these things. So you be the judge. If you were going into battle, which energy pattern would you choose to be victorious? Obviously, a rhetorical question.

That's it. At least for a cursory comparison of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Stay tuned. There will, no doubt, be more to discuss during the 2016 Presidential election.
~ finis

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