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Prenote #1: This article follows its sibling 2016 A Red Flag Warning, which can be accessed here .

Prenote #2: This article will explain to you what you can expect for 2016 in general terms.

THE FABRIC OF DESTINY is manifested through the circles and cycles of life. The number 9 is a major player in this unfaltering revolving paradigm. This is nowhere more visible than in the Universal Timeline (UTL), which always begins in a "1" year, traverses the Avenue of Crowns (the single numbers 1 through 9 and their respective years), and concludes in the following "9" year. The UTL is the calendar year.

For example, the calendar year 2008 began the earth's latest Universal 9 cycle (2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10: 1 + 0 = 1). 2016 is a 9 year in reduction (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9). Therefore, what began in 2008 will come to a resolution and conclusion in 2016. The next UTL will sequentially begin in 2017 (a "1" year) and conclude in 2025 (a "9" year). And so it goes, ad infinitum or until the end of time.

Because of this predictable cosmic structure, we can forecast our lives in a general sense. All we have to do is add the number 9 (2016 reduced to a single cipher) to our Expression (our name number). If you do not know your Expression, go here to learn how to calculate it. The reduced single cipher will reveal to you what you can generally expect as far as the Universal Timeline is concerned. This "outcome" number is referred to in the King's Numerology system as the Performance/Experience (or PE). It describes the performance you will give in 2016, at least in part. There are also other timelines which coexist with the UTL and which also affect our lives, but we won't concern ourselves with them at this time.

The simple formula for computing the Universal Timeline (calendar year) is:

Calendar Year + Expression = Performance/Experience (PE)

For example, let's say your Expression number is a 2. When we add 9 to the 2, the result is also a 2 (9 + 2 = 11: 1 + 1 = 2). If your Expression number is an 8, the result is an 8 (9 + 8 = 17: 1 + 7 = 8). It is like this with any number added to the number 9 the outcome number will always be the same as your Expression number. What this tells us is that the year 2016 will reflect each and every one of us to ourselves for better or worse. The cycle which began in 2008 will now be coming to an end also for better or worse. Below is a grid which offers a general outline of what 2016 will hold for every single Expression number 1 through 9.

A Few Notes

Note #1

Although the calendar year for the earth begins on 1 January, the year's energies will not be activated personally for each of us until our birthday, which is when each of our annual cycles begins. Therefore, if you were born on 1 January, your UTL year will begin on 1 January. However, if your birthday falls on 31 December, your 2016 will not begin until 31 December, which is only one day before 2017 begins. Thus, any calendar year's energies actually have a two year lifespan.

Note #2

The number 9 is referred to in the King's Numerology as the Grand Ruler, Grand Elemental and Grand Amplifier. Therefore, when the 9's energies combine with each of our energies they actually amplify and empower us. As a result of this "amplification process" each of us should feel a sense of empowerment to some degree.

Symbols for the 9 include the crown, scepter, throne and microphone - attributes of power, rulership, authority, the "all." Because of this power we would be wise to monitor all we do and to think about the consequences of our actions before we initiate them. As we sow, so shall we reap. Karma is the immutable and inviolable law of this universe. Powerful actions bear powerful reactions - positive or negative. The 9's energies, therefore, can generate blessings or blights; commendation or condemnation; benevolence or malevolence; fame or infamy; admiration or abomination; celebration or denunciation; honor or dishonor; love or hate.

Note #3

The 9 also rules universality, expansion, the public stage, art, humanitarian activity, philanthropy and the world, as well as conclusions, resolutions, finalizations, endings, distance, travel. To some degree, these issues will be active in 2016 for each of us.

Note #4

All numbers are dual in nature. There cannot be a positive without its complimentary negative. When we hold a coin, we hold both sides simultaneously. It's impossible not to. That's life. Therefore, our best mode of management is to concentrate on the positive but not to be blind to the negative, lest it blind side and overwhelm us. Balance is absolutely primary in life, and to forsake it is to invite trouble, or worse.

Note #5

Voids can increase the intensity of our experiences. For example, a non-voided, healthy 8 will create connection, but a voided 8 can potentially generate disconnections. To understand or determine your voids, if any, go here .

Note #6

All numbers not only intrinsically have two sides - one positive and one negative - but each side manifests degrees of intensity. The "light" side of a number, for example, could reveal the light of dawn, dusk or high noon on a cloudless day in the heat of summer. Similarly, the "dark" side of a number could be seen as the light grey of pre-dawn or post dusk or the pitch blackness of a moonless night in a thick forest. How we react to the intensities of "light" or "dark" speaks to our character, level of consciousness, spiritual development and understanding of life.

Note #7

There are only nine basic numbers (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9). Therefore, each of the following energy patterns (referred to in the King's Numerology system as IR Sets [Influence/Reality Sets]) will be associated with 1/9th of the earth's population. Therefore, if there were 9 billion people on the planet, as there most probably will be one day, each of the following IR Sets would encompass one billion people or 1,000 million. That's a lot of people. So if you think you're alone as far as the energy patterns referenced in this article are concerned, you're not. You obviously have a great deal of company with whom you can either celebrate or commiserate.

2016 and the 9 Basic Expression Outcomes and Their Universal Patterns

Expression #1 - 9/(1)/1 (Fire)

The #1 rules the self, ego, direct action, activation, initiation, independence, identity, leadership, courage, will, unification, reason, oneness and all things yang - males, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, boss, manager, tomboy. Thus, it will be an empowering and dominant year for the #1 Expression individual. And since the 1 is a fire sign and 9 contains all numbers, it will be a hot year, to be sure.

This 9/(1)/1 pattern is the only one of its kind, juxtaposing an energy of endings and the conclusion of cycles (9) with new beginnings of the self (1). Thus, parts of the life will end and new parts and directions will emerge.

This pattern is heavily saturated with ego. No two numbers contained in the same grouping involve the self and its interests more than the 9 and 1 together. Ego and power. That is the essence of this numeric combination. Therefore, a #1 person would be wise to keep the ego in check and not let it get out of control. Just remember, if you are a 1 person, you're not the only person in the world, and although you may think the world revolves around you, it doesn't.

This said, use your personal power, confidence, self-presence and courage to lead, not follow. This 9/(1)/1 energy set is not an energy of the follower but the leader. Just be a leader who is respectful of those he leads, honoring their energy and gifts. The world definitely needs leaders, but it would certainly be better off with fewer egotistical ones. A word to the wise: Humility is the highest form of strength; arrogance, the highest form of weakness.

Expression #2 - 9/(2)/2 (Water)

As the #1 rules all things yang, the #2 governs all things yin - females, others, balance, equality, emotion, relationships, indirect action, dependence, followership, partnership, teamwork, opposition, competition, division, separation, diplomacy, adversity and adversaries, deceit and treachery.

This 9/(2)/2 is awash in emotion (2) in both its highs and lows. As the 9 governs endings, this 9/(2)/2 energy field can certainly focus on the endings of relationships and their management. Don't expect there to be a plethora of logic and reason here. Emotions will be high and intense. They could be joyous and happy emotions, or emotions filled with anger, hostility, resentment, jealousy, envy, bitterness. As any seasoned adult knows, not all relationships end harmoniously or lovingly.

Another potential manifestation of this 9/(2)/2 energy is an expansion (9) of personal relationships (2). It may even involve travel between relationships or people who have a 2 Expression or other dominate 2 energy in their charts. The 9 rules distance, too, so one could possibly be engaged in long-distance relationships.

Since the 9 rules the world in general and the 2 governs indirect action and opposition, terrorist activity from those 2s living on the dark side is highly probable. Individuals living on the light side of the 2 energy may well have to deal with those who are not living on the light side. In other words, both sides of the #2 may possibly manifest during 2016 for the 2 Expression individual.

The numbers 9 and 2 are often present in competitors (2) who dominate (9) their opposition. In effect, this 9/(2)/2 pattern reflects dominance of others. Power struggles are very possible, therefore, in such a time.

The most important thing for those to remember who reflect this 9/(2)/2 energy field is to concentrate on being balanced at all times - emotionally, psychologically, physically, financially, domestically, socially. It is personal imbalance which will cause the most difficult problems.

Expression #3 - 9/(3)/3 (Air)

There is a great amount of self-expression, image, artistry, creativity, communication and socialization in this 9/(3)/3 pattern. No number is more communicative than the 3, and the 9's universal and expansive power broadcasts any communication to the world in some kind and degree. It is axiomatic that the greatest percentage of individuals in the media world have 3 and 9 dominant in their charts. Singers, actors, models, artists, speakers and writers will all be boosted by the 9's power in 2016.

As a general rule, #3 Expression people are positive, embracing, friendly, artistic and given to socializing with friends. These souls more than not have a smile on their face and a sunny outlook in their eyes. They are fun to be with and pleasant to be around. The 9 elevates the 3's qualities to a public, universal level.

It is quite common for #3 Expression people to be quite beautiful, even stunning. Beautiful people often gain favor with others and receive more attention and privilege than less physically attractive people. Sad but true. This can be problematic. Too much attention can lead to heightened states of vanity, narcissism and entitlement, making the #3 person think he or she is better than others, more important than others, above others and certainly more privileged than others. And since 3 is an air sign, such souls may become air heads and go airborne, seemingly lifting themselves to an imaginary height above the masses, elevating themselves to a pedestal of imaginary self-importance. To avoid such a dangerous circumstance (as no one is above anyone else in this world), the #3 person should, therefore, take a charitable view of others, their problems and challenges and . . . emanate a sense of grace and beauty of character, not just looks. It is a sense of over-importance, narcissism and entitlement that turns the beauty of the 3 into the ugliness of the 3 - its dark side.

On the flip side, a voided 3 person (no Cs, Ls or Us in the birth name), can suffer from a lack of self-worth, confidence, and personal image. Communicative abilities, so positive with a non-voided 3, can become quite acerbic, critical, negative, harsh and dark with a voided 3. The remedy for such a person is to focus on the positivity that is intrinsic to the 3.

The #3 also governs children, health and well-being. Thus, under this 9/(3)/3 pattern, one's health and/or children can very possibly come into focus and demand attention during 2016.

Expression #4 - 9/(4)/4 (Earth)

From a rooted point of view, no number is more rooted than the 4. It is the energy of stability, security, tradition, convention, structure, rules, regulations, order, organization, dedication, determination, physical strength, service, laws, boundaries, trust, fidelity, loyalty, work, the job, house or any physical structure.

This 9/(4)/4 energy pattern will bring an expansion of work, security, service, stability and so forth. It might also reflect an ending to what once was perceived as secure. Perhaps, under this energy field, one may move from one house to another house or change jobs. One could also expand the scope of his/her work and service to include more responsibilities, duties and obligations.

Indeed, the #4 is the rock of the Alpha Numeric Spectrum. This is a good thing. However, #4 Expression individuals must be aware of being too stubborn for their own good. It's important to be resistant when resistance generates health, wholeness, safety and well-being. However, when common sense dictates that it's time to move in order to avoid a catastrophe, then implacable recalcitrance is a hindrance, if not a death warrant. For example, when animals sense a tsunami is fast approaching, they move to high ground, as opposed to some people who, seeing the tide abate, begin picking up sea shells to their ultimate demise.

The problem with this energy pattern, as with any IR Set, is if the Filter (middle number) and/or final number (the one on the right of the equation) is voided. A voided 4 can represent a lack of structure, security, stability, fidelity, loyalty, trust, strength, order. With the 9 in the influence position, a 9/(4v)/4v pattern can easily manifest as an empowerment of the negative aspects and characteristics of the 4, quite the opposite of a healthy 4. Therefore, a 4 Expression person would be wise to guard against the negative aspects of the 4 and be as ordered, dutiful, and service-oriented as possible. Be the rock everyone can trust and rely on, not the crumbling house of cards.

Expression #5 - 9/(5)/5 (Fire)

No two numbers in combination rule travel, change, diversity, detachments, endings and humanity more than the 9 and 5. As has been noted, 9 governs all people, all things universal, endings and the conclusion of cycles. 9 is the Number of Mankind. The 5 is the Number of Man. It governs freedom, detachment, motion, movement, change, the senses, speed, versatility, diversity, adaptation and "letting go." 5 is the fulcrum, the midpoint, of the Alpha Numeric Spectrum. Being in the middle, it can move up and down the numeric scale with greater ease than any other number.

The 9 likes its scepter, crown, throne and microphone. The 5 loves its wings, its freedom, its diversity. It abhors being enslaved, tied down, anchored, rooted. It could care less about ruling. It loves its "moving" and ability to do what it wants, when and where it wants without restriction. Thrones are comfortable for rulers but not for adventurers, mavericks and revolutionaries.

This 9/(5)/5 energy field will bring travel, expansion, endings (9) detachment, change, freedom and "letting go" of what once was in order to embrace what will be. Thus, this pattern can be seen as being unstable because things will change often and fast, sometimes without warning. But what is unstable to some may be stable to others. While roots bring stability to trees, motion brings stability to airplanes. In fact, without motion in the air, airplanes would crash because they need air moving over their wings to produce the lift which keeps them airborne. Therefore, stability has different definitions. For the 5, stability is in motion and movement, not being stagnant or rooted. The moral of the story for 5 Expression people is that they need to be constantly moving to be stable.

Since #5 people love their freedom they need to be careful in understanding what true freedom is. Freedom is not license carte blanche, i.e., doing whatever they want whenever they want in disregard to consequences. Freedom is action taken in consideration of consequence. Remember, the opposite side of freedom is slavery, and freedom run amuck will land the unwise in a heap of trouble, turmoil and potential incarceration of several types.

Therefore, the 5 Expression individual should expect 2016 to be filled with movement, change, endings, expansion, travel and letting go, at least as far as the Universal Timeline is concerned. Remember, destiny is a mixture of many concurrent timelines, not just one. This said, as far as the UTL is concerned, change is the subject of this 2016 year for all 5 Expression people.

Expression #6 - 9/(6)/6 (Water)

The #6 governs all matters of the heart, hearth, home, homeland, community and personal love. The 6 is a water sign and filled with emotion. Therefore, a 6 Expression individual can expect 2016 to be a year focused on love, family, community and country issues.

Because the 9 rules expansion, endings and travel, this 9/(6)/6 energy pattern can see a 6 Expression person possibly doing a lot of traveling in 2016, moving to and among other homes and families. For example, people involved in the healthcare field, especially in home care, or in any industry involving families, will be affected in some way. Architects, nurses, doctors, landscapers, interior designers, etc. will possibly see an expansion of activity. Also, because the 9 rules endings, business people may see some of their accounts cut ties with them; home owners may sell a home and move to another home or even decorate their current home and its surroundings.

A voided 6 (no Fs, Os or Xs in the natal name) indicates issues with love, home, family, matters of the heart and so forth. Under this 9/(6)/6 pattern, family love can expand lovingly, or if the 6 is voided, a 9/(6v)/6v energy field may create trouble in the home or community regarding issues of jealousy, envy, resentment, hatred, anger. Separations, even divorces, are a potential issue with a 9/(6v)/6v IR Set. Or . . . a single person could feel the tug of not having a family and wishing he or she did have one. Regardless, the 9/(6)/6 is all about the heart, feelings, emotions, love, nurturing and all of the issues and challenges associated with these aspects.

The master number associated with the 6 is the 33 - arguably the most intense master number associated with self-expression, art, communication, image(s), pleasure, sex, partying. Therefore, the 9 and its expansion powers could lift the 6 individual to artistic heights never before realized. On the opposite side of its energetic coin, it also has the potential of leading people down a dangerous road of addiction to sex, drugs, partying, and so forth. The Transition number for the 6 is the 15 which can bring trouble. The 15th card of the Tarot is the Devil card, so one under the influence of the 9/(6)/6 pattern should exercise wisdom and forethought regarding actions and their consequences. Balance is critical to life, and sometimes self-restraint is the wisest choice when considering what one will or will not do.

Expression #7 - 9/(7)/7 (Air)

This 9/(7)/7 pattern represents the proverbial two-edged sword. On the one hand, no number reflects a potential for massive spiritual (7) expansion and growth (9) more than this 9/(7)/7 pattern. On the other hand, such growth always brings tests, which, frankly, is normal. How can a person grow and move upward from level to level in school without being tested? One doesn't move from grade level to grade level without learning certain subject matter and passing tests related to that subject matter. It's the same thing with spiritual development. We ascend by being challenged with varying lessons, influences, subjects and themes, being tested on them, and moving up if we pass the tests.

Because 9 is the Grand Ruler and 7 houses the most spiritual of energies, this 9/(7)/7 pattern is unique in that it focuses on all things universal (9) with a mind anchored in all things internal (7). These two numbers in concert are often found in the charts of substantively great individuals. The 9 energy broadcasts to the masses, while the 7 energy expresses breadth and depth of thought, feeling and action.

This 9/(7)/7 pattern manifests rulership (9) with regalness (7) and power (9) with nobility (7). For example, Queen Elizabeth's Basic Matrix is all 9s and 7s. The great humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer's Basic Matrix reflected a 9 Lifepath and four 7s in his Soul Layers and Nature Layers. One does not have to be a king or queen to be regal and royal. One becomes regal, royal, kingly or queenly through the elevation of one's character, not through man-made contrivances, ceremonies or ancestral traditions.

The way to manage this 9/(7)/7 energy is to stay centered, balanced, calm and poised at all times. Learn to feel the depth of other people's troubles and challenges. Have empathy and compassion for all people. Be the humble, benevolent dispenser of grace. Avoid being the arrogant, domineering, malevolent dictator whose actions are harsh and cruel. Spend time daily in thought or meditation or prayer with a focus on spiritual (7) expansion and learning (9). Be one who walks among the masses radiating light not darkness; reflecting good will not hate; demonstrating positivity not negativity. Be the king or queen, not by rank but by personal action and conduct. Pass the tests which the 7 brings into your life and move up the ladder of consciousness.

Expression #8 - 9/(8)/8 (Earth)

The 9 and 8 in concert reflect the two most powerful external energies. The 8 is the most engaging social energy; the 9 is the most universal of all the nine basic numbers. Therefore, one with this pattern will be engaged with the public (9) socially (8) during this 9/(8)/8 energy field.

The 8 also governs commerce and business. This would be a good time, therefore, to expand one's business or social connections.

What this 9/(8)/8 pattern is not is internal, reflective or given to reclusion. This is a very active external energy field. Connect with people, engage others, get out "there" and build your relationships.

A caveat. If you have an 8 void in your natal/birth name (no Hs, Qs or Zs), always make sure you "connect the dots" in all that you do. Don't get sloppy. Stay connected. An 8 void is often reflected in things disconnecting, falling apart, coming undone - all of which are possible if the 8 and/or 9 is voided. Stay on top of things. Don't procrastinate. Don't let things slide. You must stayed connected and engaged to be successful.

Expression #9 - 9/(9)/9 (All Elements)

There is nothing but power in this 9/(9)/9 energy pattern. The critical issue is whether such power will be used positively or negatively, for good or bad, to help or hinder, to rule, govern or manage as the benevolent leader or malevolent dictator. Nuclear energy can used for the betterment of people or the destruction of people. It is no different for this 9/(9)/9 powerhouse.

Obviously, this energy field will involve the masses to a large degree. There is no number pattern more universal than this 9/(9)/9. It is the world. Interestingly, the word world is a 9 itself. In fact, it might be useful to read or reread the article, Love, Money, Fortune, Celebrity & The Number 9, which can be accessed here . It will help reinforce one's understanding of the 9 and its rulership.

How this 9/(9)/9 energy will manifest is the question. Any field or activity that deals with the public en masse is on the platter. Travel, transportation, entertainment, education, art, medicine, communication, media, music, writing, acting, public speaking and so forth are possibilities.

It probably goes without saying but this 9/(9)/9 set is not conducive to a hermit or recluse. The 9 is about expansion, exposure and the endings of cycles. For 9 Expression individuals their 2016 will be big, not small.

But here is the critical caution for anyone under the influence of this 9/(9)/9 energy. A lie told to one person will generate karmic payback equal to one person. However, a lie told to millions of people will generate karmic payback in the millions. Therefore, people who are leaders or rulers must beware of their actions. A lie told to one person or to millions takes the same amount of energy but the karmic differential and subsequent payback is massive. Hence, the poignant admonition by William Shakespeare from "Henry IV, Part 2, Act 3, Scene 1" - Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
~ finis

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