[copyright 2000 by Richard Andrew King - All Rights Reserved]

Wicked World I
Richard Andrew King

It's a wicked world we live in--
treacherous to the bone;
cold, cruel, blind and brutal
where hearts are cast in stone.

Temptation crouches - lays in wait.
Weakness fills the veins.
Acceptance rolls off mindless tongues,
and Ignorance holds the reins.
Passion - hot and heavy.
Concern for others - naught.
Discrimination - taken leave,
and Fear of God is not.
No one to trust or cherish.
Self-centeredness holds no shame.
Purity strangled in her bed
where no one calls His Name.

It's a wicked world we live in--
the good cry tears alone,
and if we're caught within its grasp
we'll never make it Home,

Home to where the Light is;
where the Sound is ever clear,
where the Lord sits ever present
and the pure of heart held dear;
where love, true love not lust,
permeates the soul;
where smiles never wither
and every soul is whole;
where God is celebrated,
never denigrated as in earth;
where eternity is reality
absent death and birth.

It's a wicked world we live in.
Don't get caught within its net.
Heed this Saintly warning . . .
get out of it!

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