[copyright 2000 by Richard Andrew King - All Rights Reserved]

A Thousand Mile Journey
Richard Andrew King

A thousand mile journey
begins with step the first,
but victory in the journey
is reflected in our thirst
to keep on taking steps,
even crawling in the dirt
when the sorrow of the journey
engulfs our heart with hurt.

One thousand miles of little steps
is a sojourn of travail.
Thunderstorms and hurricanes
as well as maelstroms prevail.
If this thousand mile journey
were easy, light and fun,
there would be more travelers
in this thousand mile run.

But few there are to dare the race.
Myopic comfort kills the dream.
Too long, too hard, too full of plight,
too many fears extreme
kill the hoping heart
and the will with little grit;
so this thousand mile journey
is challenged only by the fit.

So should it be, and rightly so--
for those who win the Prize
should be the ones undaunted
and full of triumph in their eyes.
Laurels only should be showered
on those within the field
with courage strong and vision long,
and spirits which never yield!

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