[copyright 2000 by Richard Andrew King - All Rights Reserved]

Lady of the Light
(C) Richard Andrew King

She radiates virtuous vision,
this Lady of the Light,
standing in opposition to
the powers of the night.
She has clear understanding
of life's purpose and its goal,
so she molds her life in virtue,
for virtue makes her whole.

The world sings a different tune.
'Tis none of her concern.
It is not the world
for which her spirit yearns.
Her beauty is attractive,
and men do come courting by,
but, yet, she patiently awaits his love--
the one with vision in his eye.

Her heart is kind and gentle.
Her manner poised and calm.
It is her spiritual rectitude
bequeathing her aplomb.
She exudes a royal bearing,
a stately elegance and grace.
A warm, endearing smile
radiates from her face.

The essence of her Light is Love,
but love held dear and pure.
So rare is such a treasure
where Love and Light are Her.
'Tis one in millions who live as this,
this woman living Right.
'Tis why she is a treasure--
this Lady of the Light.

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