Women's Self-Defense
(Women's Self-Defense / Female Self-Defense)
Copyright 2007 Richard Andrew King

In consideration of Ladies Self-Defense, or in deference to the global community which prefers Ladies Self-Defence (defense with a 'c') or Women's Self-Defense, even Female Self-Defense, we at LadiesSelfDefense.Com believe every person, especially every female, has the inherent, God-given right to protect him or herself from unwanted aggression using whatever means necessary to secure that protection.
Female self-defense begins with the philosophy, "My Life, My Responsibility" corroborated by the tenet, "Competence Creates Confidence." In this highly-charged, shrinking and ever-compacting world of others, clashing ideologies and diminishing concern for one's fellow-man where females are being assaulted, battered, raped and murdered on a daily basis right before our media-saturated eyes, it is important that women of all ages remain ever vigilant in the pursuit of their safety and well-being. This does not mean they must become paranoid or beware of potential dangers to the point of neurosis but simply to be aware of the possibility of personal assault and take measures to prevent it.

Intrinsic in the concept of women's self-defense is the philosophy behind the LadiesSelfDefense.Com acronym "Y.O.Y.O." - You're On Your Own. As a woman, if you are going to be assaulted or attacked, the odds are that you will be alone at the time and, hence, solely on your own. Wisdom dictates, therefore, that you take proper measures to insure your safety and well-being which includes the responsibility of learning some basic self-defense skills.
Because women are nurturers by nature, they often feel uncomfortable with the idea of having to hurt someone even if that person is assaulting them. But the stark reality of female self-defense is that if you're going to be attacked and/or your children are present who rely on you to protect them, then inflicting harm on an attacker is certainly reasonable and justifiable. Think of animals. Mothers protect their young with a vengeance, as well they should. It's the natural order of things. Why, then, should human mothers feel differently? They shouldn't. Women's self-defense is as natural a right as childbirth. In fact, women's self-defense is a duty and responsibility for having children.
Annette is one of the ladies in our self-defense program. Here are her words regarding a woman's right to protect herself and her loved ones:
We women are typically "nurturers" or "comforters," a role which often gets misconstrued as being passive. Protecting our own safety—and that of our children—is, however, an assertive—and even aggressive—responsibility. At first, I felt somewhat shy to try the punches and kicks, but I've had a personal paradigm shift in how I view self-defense skills. I realized how they may someday save my life, and there is nothing more nurturing than knowing how to use your power in order to survive.
Before I had any training in martial arts and self-defense, I must admit that I was naïve as to the importance of it. I assumed that I would instinctively know what to do in a crisis situation. To be honest, though, I probably would have just frozen in fear. Our panic responses are often inefficient and ineffective. Just like CPR and swimming, self-defense techniques are life-saving skills that must be learned. For me, being a student of Kiado-Ryu has brought a feeling of strength, both inside and out, and more peace of mind. I am more aware—but less afraid—of potential threats in my environment. Now I am prepared to respond wisely and pro-actively to a potential attacker. This "confidence through competence" has also helped me better assert myself in day-to-day situations. Learning self-defense is a way to honor the value of your life, while highlighting the importance of personal responsibility.

Ladies, self-defense is your right. Embrace it and keep yourselves, your children and loved ones safe, whole and free from harm so you and they can more fully live the life which God has given.

Kind regards,

Richard Andrew King: Grandmaster, Kiado-Ryu Karate