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The world is a house of collyrium (an abode of evil),
a veritable well of the poison of egotism.

~ Saint Ravidas - 15th/16th Centuries

Things that are empty make a noise.
The full is always quiet.

~ Buddha

2013 continues our earth's journey through the egocentric maturation field of the Teen Years of the first century of the 2nd Millennium. The Teen Years are those whose initial cipher is a 1 the energy of the self, ego, identity. The teen years will not conclude until 2019, after which the energy shifts into the realm of the 20s decade, a ten year period focusing on relationships, others and female energy.

The Teen Years are always challenging because every year for ten years the entity (person, country, world) transits a vibration whose main focus is the self and all of its attending assets and liabilities. It is a very self-absorbed time period. Just think of the confusion, growing pains and struggles most teenagers go through. Every year their personal energies are confronted with a new energy that depicted by the cipher following the 1. A quick glance reveals this situation: 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19. Notice all the 1s! It is no wonder the Teen Years are difficult. So much growth, new discovery, maturation through the numeric cycle and it's all centered in the self, a self which, if not kept in balance, will become extremely self-absorbed, potentially causing problems for itself and others.

The Universal Year 2013

The calendar year in the King's Numerology system is referred to as the Universal Year because its energies apply universally to everyone and everything on the planet. However, its energies manifest themselves at different times and in different ways for every individual.

For each of us our Universal Year (also known as the Universal Timeline or UTL) begins on our birthday and proceeds for twelve months. Everyone's UTL does not begin on 1 January of each New Year. The only people whose UTL begins on 1 January are people born on 1 January. Individuals born on 22 June will not begin their UTL until 22 June. Likewise, individuals born on 31 December will not begin their Universal Year until 31 December one day before those people born on 1 January will begin their next year. Thus, any Universal Year actually has a twenty-four month activity period, not a twelve month period.

Too, the way in which the energies of any Universal Year, known as Influencing energies, manifest in a chart depends on the Expression (name number) of each of us. How the year's universal energies manifest in a chart is determined by adding the number(s) of the Universal Year to the number(s) of the Expression. The resulting manifestation will be the Performance/Experience (PE), also known as the Outcome or Reality number. How 2013 will affect each person will be the subject of a subsequent article, "2013 and You." For now, we will concentrate on describing the general Influencing energies of 2013 those energies that will affect all of us to some degree.

The single number of the calendar year 2013 is a 6 in reduction (2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6). On its positive side the number 6 is the energy we associate with the "heart" home, community, country, personal love, nurturing, compassion, support, beauty, harmony, doing for others. On its negative side the 6 can express anger, jealousy, hatred, envy, resentment, hostility. Therefore, in very general terms, the energies of 2013 will be associated with love and hate in varying degrees on a personal level.

Beyond the Single Number 6

There are two additional numbers associated with the number 6 that warrant consideration. They are the numbers 15 and 33.

The Number 15

When describing the number 2013 as Two Thousand Thirteen, we think of the number 2 and the number 13. The result of adding 2 and 13 together is 15, arguably the binary most associated with the dark side of the number 6. The 15 intonates negative energies which can manifest as hate, evil, anger, jealousy, envy, drug use and a whole litany of discordant vibrations. The negative manifestations of the 15 are reflected in the fifteenth card of the Tarot deck's Major Arcana, the Devil card. Obviously, not an indication of selfless love, harmony and well-being.

The Master Number 33

When we speak of 2013 as Twenty Thirteen, the resulting energy is a 33 (20 + 13) the Master Imaginator/Communicator number. Master numbers (binary numbers of the same single digit) can be likened to nuclear energy. They are massively powerful and, as all things in this dimension, they have a positive and negative aspect. The positive side of the 33 is extreme self-expression, happiness, speech, harmonious communication, love of children, art, pleasure, singing, decorating, etc. Thus, the opportunity of such manifestation is possible in 2013.

Yet, because 33 is a potent numerical cocktail of pleasure, addiction to pleasure of all kinds is a possibility. Arguably, no master number has destroyed more souls than the 33. To have any master number in a chart should raise a flag of interest as well as caution. There is great opportunity in the 33 for artistic expression and inspirational love and creativity, but there is also great opportunity for addiction, obsession and destruction. Awareness of the 33's power and how to balance its energies are keys to a positive and successful expression.

2013 - Addcap & Subcap

When we add the single ciphers of 2013 in ascending fashion, the result is an 8 addcap the energy of social interaction, involvement, commerce, business, marketing, management, wealth, comfort.

When the numbers of 2013 are subtracted singularly in descending fashion, the result is the 11 the master number of intense relationship interaction. The 11 carries great energy of inspiration and magnetism both positive and negative. The names "Jesus" and "Adolf Hitler" both carry the 11 in their makeup, illustrating this polarity. With 11 in the subcap position of the number 2013, there will be tension, potential conflict, argumentation, division, separation and adversarial relationships during the year. However, the inspiration of achievement also exists.

When the Twenty and Thirteen are separated and subtracted, the result is a 7 (20 minus 13). The number 7 in a subcap Challenge position signals issues of trouble, turmoil, tumult, tribulation, isolation and chaos. The least it will produce is concern.

To have the master number 11 and the single number 7 together in a Challenge position warrants attention. No two numbers together are more capable of producing trouble and turmoil than the 11 and 7.


The year 2013 will bring energies of the 6 and its roots of 15 and 33 as they manifest through the family, home, community, nation. There can be as much love, nurturing, creativity and harmonious communication as there can be anger, hate, addiction and inharmony. Balance will be key, as is always the case. The 8 addcap will offer opportunities of success and management within the context of the 6's personal side of love, but the 11 and 7 subcap energies will bring tensions, turmoil, divisions, struggles, and potential chaos. Attributes of discord, anger, hatred and conflict are integral parts of the 11 and 7. Therefore, clear thinking, wisdom and centeredness are important if one is to keep one's balance.

In the upcoming article 2013 and You we will discuss how the Influencing energy of the 6 will potentially affect you. To prepare for this, please calculate your Expression (your Name number). A brief tutorial is here.

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